Friday, July 18, 2008

And How Seriously Does McCain Take Afghanistan?

While the McCain campaign has a point, seemingly a good one, in calling out Barack Obama on his having attended only one Senate hearing on Afghanistan, ABC News points out that John McCain himself has attended even fewer hearings on the subject, which would be zero hearings.

However, it should be remembered that John McCain, when not propped up by his admirers in the traditional mainstream press or by Joe Lieberman, does not appear as sharp as the average septuagenarian and likely does not have the energy or the attention span for those hearings. There are certain things he should not have to be bothered with. But, seriously, if anyone needs a good rape joke, an obscene gesture, or a comment about why Chelsea Clinton is ugly, the Republican standard bearer will search his depleted neurons and eventually come up with something. And there is no doubt that, whatever McCain comes up with, his devilish smile, his wink, and his famed authenticity will leave many (or at least the beltway pundits) holding their sides as they fall on the floor laughing, convulsed and adoring.

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